Wellness IntelligenceTM

empowering more proactive

& personalized care.

Omage's revolutionary wellness intelligence platform empowers long-term care providers with insights to lower care costs, improve outcomes and maintain resident independence.



Complex care requirements of an aging population mean demanding workloads for caregivers and its easy to miss subtle health changes. To support continued independence, it’s important to identify changing trends before they become more serious and costly health events. 

Omage’s advanced machine-learning tools provide proactive notification when issues are identified, empowering caregivers with proactive wellness intelligence to prioritize care and reduce preventable health events. 



Because Omage seamlessly integrates with a broad range of wearable devices, passive sensors and third-party services we can provide a more complete understanding of senior wellness.


Omage sets itself apart from other solutions by passively monitoring daily activities, social interactions, and physical health. With complete wellness monitoring Omage’s machine-learning tools generate wellness baselines to uniquely understand each individual.

Privacy as 
the Standard 

Care providers can’t compromise when it comes to the privacy of seniors under their care, so why should protecting their data be any different?  At Omage, we believe privacy and security are the standard, not the exception.  That is why we’ve taken a new approach to information management. 

Omage’s secure communication tools increase care transparency and provide family members with the reassurance they desire, empowering you to meet the unique needs of the seniors under your care. 

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